Voice Lessons

Are you looking to develop your singing voice, improve your musicianship, or dive deeper into the repertoire that speaks to you?

In over 20 years of teaching I’ve worked with many students with different goals and different starting points. Together we work towards developing a stronger vocal technique, building a varied repertoire and developing a stronger connection to the music we’re performing.

I have worked with actors, dancers, trained singers, instrumentalists, complete beginners, all of them with different interests and areas of focus. Click here to read more about the lessons, and please feel free to write me with questions about your own goals!

-Two student recitals a year at a professional venue

-Online lessons via Zoom

-In-person lessons in Gowanus, Brooklyn

-Options for extended study of theory, harmony, rhythm, basic piano skills, vocal improvisation and jazz music.

I look forward to helping you find your voice!

Tammy Scheffer