Instruction Video

About this video:

“The best way to learn pro, cutting-edge vocal techniques is to study with a great singer. So, sit back and learn the art of singing in this 31-tutorial course by vocalist and recording artist Tammy Scheffer.

Great singers are a wonderful mix of natural ability and a lot of hard work. Up-and-coming singers often forget the hard work part and rely entirely upon their talent. In this course, by the amazing Israeli jazz/pop singer Tammy Scheffer, you learn how professional singers create sound, shape notes and construct effective harmonization in the process of developing their unique vocal styles.”

What People Say:

“A great primer on basic vocal techniques with clear and concise tips” -Carrion

“Includes many insights to give you fresh ways of looking at the challenges that confront a voice student” -Andy

“Never thought of singing this way. Packed with lots of useful tricks to improve singing skills” -Dan

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